Artistic and Documentary
Photography focused
on urban and rural spaces.



This body of work has several chapters which deal with the visible traces of structural change in different regions of Germany.
Felix Schoeller Photography Award, Shortlist 2017

Zur Lage der Region
The city Bitterfeld-Wolfen looks back on an eventful history, from the pollution caused by the chemical industry in the GDR, its collapse after reunification, the Bitterfeld mining district and its transformation into a lake district, to the emergence of the solar industry and the continuously shrinking population. All of this has left its mark on the city and given it a reputation as a dreary place.
Yet it has proven many times that it is capable of reinventing itself time and again and of finding opportunities in the rapid structural change. In the Goitzsche open pit mine, where lignite was mined until 1991, a local recreation area has been created. Today, sailboats sail on the open-cast mining lake in summer, and chic new buildings stand at the city's seaport. When the AfD party won over 30% in the 2016 state elections, Bitterfeld-Wolfen made it back into some newspapers with negative headlines.
In the same year, I began working on this chapter of the series of works on the State of the Region to create a photographic portrait of this city.