Ongoing body of work
Started in 2020
in collaboration wit the artist and photographer Raisa Galofre and wit funding by the Arbeitnehmer Kammer Bremen
In Berlin the long months of the Covid pandemic are spent between dark and lonely winters and almost careless summers. Politicians have so far failed to react on time with drastic enough measures to stop each new wave to roll over the country during autumn and peak around Christmas. Even during summer the pandemic is omnipresent and traces of how the pandemic has reshaped public urban spaces can be seen and felt, closed Stores, test centers on every corner and a general sense of melancholic tension affecting social life. Since late 2020 I have been working in collaboration with the artist and photographer Raisa Galofre on the series Temporarily Closed, a reflection of the social isolation, urban melancholy and visual traces of the pandemic in Berlin. The series is the second chapter of the body of work Toque de Queda which we started to work on in Barranquilla Colombia in 2020 when the pandemic first hit. For this body of work I am exploring Berlins urban spaces from East to West and South to North while Raisa is exploring the topic through staged photographs. The project is a work in progress supported by the Arbeitnehmerkammer Bremen.