Ongoing body of work
Started in 2021 with
funding by the Dezentrale Kulturarbeit of the city district Tempelhof-Schöneberg in Berlin
Letters from Nahariya is a photographic portrait of the Nahariya Kiez, a green-grey suburban settlement in the south of Berlin.
The story of the Nahariya Kiez is told a little differently by each resident I meet. Some have found a retreat here from the hustle and bustle of the big city and tell me about a good neighborhood. Others are frustrated with the current state of the settlement, tell me about how much it has changed and want to move away. Letters from Nahariya is a photographic examination of the Nahariya neighborhood in Lichtenrade on the edge of the metropolitan district of Tempelhof-Schöneberg. In the style of artistic documentary photography, I describe the urban space and its inhabitants in portraits, details and architectural photographs. The photo series reflects the complex social structures of the Plattenbau housing estate and documents their traces in the urban living space and on its architecture. I deal with questions about the structure of community, conviviality, neighborliness, the political and social relevance of housing and the collective design of urban living spaces. The neighbourhood is not alone in Berlin with its history and the resulting work is also a commentary on Berlin's tight housing market. The visual narration of the project is complemented by interviews in which the people portrayed have their say and talk about their experiences.