Artistic and Documentary
Photography focused
on urban and rural spaces.



Concrete Discontinuities
This project is a collaboration with artist and photographer Raisa Galofre and was developed as part of our BangaloREsidency at the Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan.
International Image Festival GETXOPHOTO, Finalist 2020
Between the tensions within its multilayered spaces, the overwhelming traffic, an infinite vocabulary of forms and materialities, the urban finds its form and still always continues to change. Concrete Discontinuities is a non-linear visual narrative that we developed through a photographic dialogue and during numerous forays into the various urban landscapes of Bangalore. 
Thematically, we explored the spaces between public and private life, between the so-called traditional and modernist, and the state of continuous becoming.
The images reveal a correlation between modernity and coloniality, the dependence of a Western-influenced idea of progress on the work of countless workers who move from construction site to construction site as normads, are employed around the glass palaces of the IT parks, work in the informal sector, keep the many engines of the city running. Bangalore - the Garden City as it was once called - is now the IT hub, the Silicon Valley of India. Every idea carried into the city leaves traces in the materiality of its urban spaces, drawing boundaries, connecting, casting shadows or bringing light.
The photographs in this series draw a portrait of Bangalore by gathering and contrasting the most diverse urban surfaces, between documentary and staged imagery.
Garden City
People pour into the city by the thousands, filling its spaces, expanding its boundaries in all directions. The city's seemingly endless expansion tears open its streets, clogging them with vehicles, letting old structures decay while new ones are already shooting skyward. Bangalore is now India's IT hub, the Silicon Valley in the south of the country. The rapid growth of the IT industry has brought some problems, such as water shortages, an overstretched infrastructure and pollution in the urban area.
In Bangalore, formerly known as the Garden City, the Bellandur Lake in the southeast of the city has become so polluted that a white foam forms on its surface, which sometimes even starts to burn. Nevertheless when I first arrived in the city I only had eyes for its many huge trees, forming roofs over many streets, the diversity of the city’s vegetation. The series "Garden City" is part of the collaborative work Concrete Discontinuities and deals with the different materialities of Bangalore's urban spaces.
The photographs follow the various ideas carried into the city and their multi-layered correlations.