Artistic and Documentary
Photography focused
on urban and rural spaces.




“Between the Lines” is a studio publication based on a twelve day excursion to Belfast that we went on in April 2017. Northern Irelands capital has been shaped by centuries of sectarian and nationalist conflict. The most recent strife is known as “The Troubles”. Still the remnants of the conflict are most visible in contemporary West Belfast. Despite Belfast’s disturbed past, the city’s economy has seen sustained growth since the “Good Friday Agreement” of 1998. The works presented in this publication look at different everyday aspects affected by the conflict as well as facets of cultural and modern day life in the city. The publication aims at reflecting the experiences and observations we made while exploring the city and meeting its people.
Maximiliane Scheller
Vivek Manek
Sarah Fricke
Marvin Systermans
Aleksandra Weber
Yoshiko Jentczak
Christina Stohn
Urs Mader
Ricardo Nunes