Artistic and Documentary
Photography focused
on urban and rural spaces.



This project first started as part of a collaboration with momentography of a failure project.
A Solitary Crowd
The platform economy is currently experiencing an enormous growth spurt in many parts of the world, which is further fueled by the Corona pandemic. As it is a relatively young industry, workers are often poorly paid and otherwise exploited, especially when working for large corporations. The first trade unions are fighting for the protection of workers' rights and against numerous gray areas that still exist in the area of labor law in the digital world.
Meanwhile couriers also have to brave the harsh weather conditions during winter and to navigate through hectic traffic to deliver food to our doorsteps. Besides big brands like Lieferando, there have long been alternatives, small self-organized collectives, such as Khora in Berlin. While some are passionate bikers who have a community in their crew, many others ride to finance their studies or due to a lack of alternatives. Because communication for couriers who work for the big companies runs almost exclusively via the apps, the job can often be lonely.
What is certain is that the so-called gig economy, the digital platform economy seems to be evolving from the exception to the rule, in major cities around the world and beyond. For the series A Solitary Crowd I met with couriers from different platforms, talked to some of them about their experiences and portrayed them.