Artistic and Documentary
Photography focused
on urban and rural spaces.



TXL, Last Call Berlin

Selfpublished first edition of my photo-book about my photo series TXL, Last Call Berlin about the urban spaces in the entry lanes of the now closed Berlin airport Tegel.
State of the Region
2018, ongoing

This body of work has various chapters that deal with the visible signs of structural change in different regions in Germany. The Lausitz chapter focuses on the end of the lignite mining industry and the origin of Europe’s biggest lake-landscape.

coming soon

This series deals with the experience of isolation during lockdown in 2020 and 2021. This body of work is a collaboration with the photographer and artist Raisa Galofre.
Letters from Nahariya
coming soon

A series dedicated to the past, present and future of a social housing project that was built in the seventies in Berlin. For this project I am conducting interviews and portrait people from different backgrounds who live in this neighborhood.

A Solitary Crowd
2020, ongoing

In the past years the platform economy has grown significantly and more and more bicycle food-couriers are roaming the streets of Berlin every day. Some work for the already established big companies, some self organize to protect their rights as workers.